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TJs Hanson Page!

Sing baby sing...

Okay, so you are here. You are here. You are here. You are here...are you completely sure you want to be here?
This is my lickle discography...oh yeah that sounds good...explaining most of Hansons my lickle contribution! Have fun reading it okay?

CDs Hanson have released

Mmmbop album (released years and years and years ago...)
Boomerang (yet again...years and years and years...)
Middle Of Nowhere
Snowed In
Live From Albertane
This Time Around

I am no way going through the albums today, I must be insane to bring them all downstairs let alone go through all of them and tell you guys...this will be updated!

Comments On Hanson and how far they've got.

Whoa. Whoa is the only word that could possibly describe how much they have been blessed. They have technically had such a big opportunity, and they've done so well, and have so many fans...rambling aren't I?...and they should dbe thankful. I think they are thankful...but there's something screaming at me saying 'NO DON'T WRITE THAT!' and you know why? Because I think that although they believe they deserve it (and they do) and they are thankful, times have changed, and it seems that they are only saying things like that because they're literally used to it. But hey, I don't know them, they could sit down one day and go 'Who you guys, look how far we have got' but I don't know. It's just what I feel. (slaps herself on forehead because she sounds irrational)
In my opinion...they've deserved everything they've acheived.

I wish I could put sound clips on here, but it looks like my computer's too scabby and old to put them on...sob!

My Lickle Annoyed Bit

Why, I mean really why, do all CDs cost more when I first buy them, than when I have already got them? I was well unchuffed when I saw a CD I got for about 15.00 in a shop and it was now about 7.00. I was soooooo angry. Why can't they either make them cheap before I get them, or keep them the same price forever? I am so sure this happens to waaaaaay more people, so please! Stop the madness!

The Truth behind the told by TJ

How long does it take to record a CD?
Okay it feels like years, you sing and sing the same line over and over until it feels like your going to start coughing up blood. Remind yourself, why are you doing this again?
Many reasons. You want to, you've always wanted to, you have waited forever and ever to do this and want to just have five minutes to regain peace of mind.
Peace Of Mind sounds nice. It sounds so...peaceful.
It takes quite a lot of run throughs and edits and singing before on song is finished. It makes you feel so much more relaxed when you hear one of them has been completely edited. And then you suddenly remember you have so many more to do. Heck, some are thrown to the side at some point, forgotten about because it never really did sound right, or it was just the wrong type of song.
It's okay doing live. Doing it live lets all the emotions go. 5 hours in a recording studio singing 'Oh Yeah' doesn't really cut it. Also live doesn't mean singing the same song seventy two times. Unless the audience are all psychos holding you hostage and expect you to sing their favourite one seventy two times.
However, at the end of the day, when everything is done, it makes you feel worth something, it makes you feel like you've done something in life. And then you see, it wasn't all that bad actually being in the studio. You met a lot of nice people with weird disgusting jokes who you shall never forget about.
But the feeling is the best. You've acheived something. You've reached a goal in life.