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News, Gossip and Rumours
TJs Hanson Page!

What's New?

The Tour

Right, in August they will start their tour in North America, which will go on for like 3 months...vague guess, I don't have the info to actually tell you how long!...and then I think they will come over to this side of the world, in Europe and everything. But hey, I'm not them, I don't know what's actually going on!

My Theory Of The Month! ( have got to be kidding me...)

What is the song Sure About It actually about? When you listen to the song, it is obviously about someone who really needs to make up his mind already and pick an option, but is there another reason behind it, hum???? Maybe there's my theory! (geez, she wasn't kidding...)
If someone wasn't sure about something, what would be the problem they're facing anyway? If it was a dilemma, you could see the problem they would be facing, because there's not really a way out of it without getting someone hurt or whatever. A bit like running away from a bull with horns. No matter which way you intend to dodge out of its way, you're gonna get a horn up your butt.
But the song doesn't really have a dilemma position in does it? It sounds like, from reading the lines over and over, that they did something and now they are not quite sure what to do now. A bit like the after-effect of a party. You could a) clean up the house before your parents get back b) run away as fast as your wobbly legs could carry you c) admit all to your parents and possibly get grounded or d) sleep cos you got so drunk your head is still spinning in its aftermath.
Obviously there is a good way to turn and a bad way. The good way, the decent way in the example above would be to admit all. But that would not only take the guts to stand up to your literally 8ft father complete with mother wagging finger in disgust, it would mean having the consequences given to you on a silver platter. The bad thing, the indecent thing would be to run away. Because you're probably going to end up in way more trouble than if you'd admitted the party straight away. Plus you'd send your family nuts since they wouldn't be able to find you until you come back from down the garden for a lunchtime snack.
So I guess all problems come with many different ways of handling it, and different consequences. This is what I think (in my total honest opinion) Sure About It is about.

More soon...


Okay what is the policy on rumours? In fact how do they get started? I think, this is my opinion, that people get confused by some information given to them, it's taken the wrong way or translated differently, then it gets passed on as something different. But then again, it is possible that people start off these kind of things off deliberatly, just for fun, then somehow it gets out of hand. And some people just feel like having fun...weird, weird people. If I were to make up a rumour about Hanson, I guess it would be something stupid, weird and so very unbelieveable. So no one would believe me, so it wouldn't get taken seriously, so no one is hurt by it.
Me and my friend Ceri made up a rumour just because of all the ridiculous ones that were going around. You see, if you were to tell someone that Taylor was having a baby, Zac was the mid-wife and Isaac was the father/mother they wouldn't believe you would they??? Exactly! Oh yeah, if any one was actually OFFENDED by that made-up rumour then I didn't mean to do anything...I swear!
There have been loads of rumours against Hanson...for some reason I don't quite understand why. I just think people like different things, that's all.
I think the biggest rumour was when they said that Zac had died in a car crash. I mean, crashes are quite believeable, we've grown up in a world where technology can bust up, and people could die from accidents, so this was quite believeable. But it was so over-rated...wasn't it??? Think about it...that must have been a laugh for Hanson at the time.
There have been so many rumours as well, about whether they are gay or not. I shrug this one aside, I'm not particularly bothered. They can be whoever the hell they want to be. I don't think this should be taken as seriously as some people think.
If you want me to have a go at a rumour or say my opinions on it then email me with rumours as the subject. Come on, I really wanna have a go at someone!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!