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TJs Hanson Page!

HELLO! This is TJ! Well...actually Emily but...oh well...just call me TJ!

Hey guys! This is me updating again! I promise I will put pictures on, as SOON AS I GET ANY LOL!

Okay...say it...
Lol...that was quite relieving actually...
Don't ask why. Don't ask why a hanson website. I just don't know. is my lickle description (cos I ain't got nothing else to write!)
My name is REALLY Emily...not TJ.
In case you're wondering, TJ stands for Tammy Jen...she's a character from Blood, Tears and Friendship, which my friends said is nearly exactly like me. As if...
I'm the moment. Just wait till next year...
I live in England (I do? News to me...)
I Hanson?

Emily:Founder of page
Emily:Who ate all the pies...who ate all the pies...
Emily:okay, stop this now...

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Hey Guys! I have A PICTURE!!! WAHAY! Okay, I lie...
I have many more pictures, but this uploading thing is sooooo slow...and I would like to ask you guys and girls out there for a favour. If you have anyu pictures, any pictures whatsoever, that you don't mind giving me to put on this site, I would be so happy, and give you a mention, 'kay? Thanks!

Please please please please please sign my book! I would be sooooooo thankful! (Sounds like I'm groveling...)

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