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The Weird Page
TJs Hanson Page!

Nothing is ever what it seems...

Have you ever come across something in life, that perhaps needs explaining...perhaps needs a reason? Everyone should have (cos if someone hasn't, it's blatently unfair on the rest of us lol). It's made you stop dead in your tracks. Then you hear your little mind going 'What just happened, there's no reason for it!'. But what if there was an explanation hum? A reason behind everything.
Well, this is the page for it then. Just one question.
What's your mystery?

"Have you ever, walked through a room,
But it was more like the room passed around you,
Like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through,
Have you ever, been out someplace,
Recognising everybody's face,
Until you realised there was no one there you knew...'

Have You Ever, The Offspring

If You have a weird, wacky, or just maybe plain insane idea, story or anecdote, please send to me! I'll give you credit!

The Great Ice Cream Mystery
A Tale From Holland, experienced by me...
It was a mild day. Sun shining over the distand tree tops, the wind blowing the leaves across the lawn of the house we were staying at. Who was to know that something so big and terrifying could happen on such a perfect day?
I woke up to the sound of an annoying alarm clock ringing in my ear, and after the incident I've realised maybe it was trying to tell me something...something...big was going to happen. I went downstairs after getting changed to fulfill my appetite with toast with sprinkles. (For those who haven't been to Holland, this is a breakfast treat and is sooooo scrummy...) afterwards my delighted parents, (always happy for some reason or another...) announced we were going to go to the explore. This was an exciting prospect, one should go with one's parents to see what's there. But no one could underestimate this mistake.
We arrive early in the city, the sun creeping higher in the sky. We made our way around the shops, and cafes. We came to...the ice cream parlor.
Sure, it looked innocent with its clean sparkling windows, and red striped canvas over the door, with its 16 million different flavours...but no, it has a special power. A power to make all ice creams die a horrible death.
We walked out of the parlor, sitting outside on one of the chairs. My fav flavour, mint choc chip, was the first victim. We didn't stay around to see what happened to the rest. I was happily licking my ice cream when suddenly, the green and brown blob disappeared from my cone. Only the trace of green melted ice cream was our clue. I turned to my right, a road. No sign of ice cream. I turned to my left. And there it was.
What had once been a beautiful blob on a cone was now a trickling mass of minty goodness trailing down one of the windows. But how did it make such a leap from my cone to the window hum? HUM? Let's just say, we didn't stick around to find out the mystery, nor the ice cream parlor manager when he found out.