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Middle Of Nowhere!
TJs Hanson Page!

The Songs...yep...the songs on you wouldn't have guessed...

Thinking Of You
***aka Linking to You
***aka Mmmlink
***aka Weird still...
***aka Linkless
Where's The Love
***aka What is Pie (three point one four)
***aka Cookbook
Look At You
***aka Look At You still...
I Will Come To You
***I Will Link To You
A Minute Without You
***A Link Without You
With You In Your Dreams
***With You In Your Chat (room)
Man From Milwaukee
***Link From Milwaukee

So...what is it with Middle Of Nowhere? Why Middle Of Nowhere? Why not Miggle of Nowhere? Or Puddle Of Nowhere? There has to be a perfect explanation to the title. And anyway...we know that nowhere is technically...nowhere...but, big but, where is nowhere?

According to religion there is always a place for everything, example good and evil. So where is nowhere? I think the answer is something noone will ever find out...(quick cheesy'll find it in the middle of nowhere)

If Nowhere is a place, a physical place on earth (or one of the other planets) how come we still call it nowhere? I mean, someone must have walked across it, at least once, so
it's not really nowhere, cos someone's been there.

And what kind of physical state is nowhere? Is it like a huge desert like the Sahara? Or a rainforest? It could even be the Artic...but we don't know do we?

*Madelink, here we go round again,
You link it, I link it, don't try to sign off,
You know it could be so much better than it's been,
Ooooooh, here we go surfing again...

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